Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis

From Pastor Hatcher

To our beloved Trinity family,

Words are not enough to express our thanks for everything you’ve done for our family over the past few days—your prayers, cards, words of encouragement and hope. We love you and we can’t thank you enough.

This is by far the deepest pit Melissa and I have ever been in, and we are only now, by the grace of God beginning to climb. God is with us even through our darkest hours. Our Thomas was and is the light of our lives; he was and is the great gift God gave to us that we prayed for for so many years. I can’t begin to fathom or bring myself to write how deeply we will miss him. I know we will all miss him; he filled our parish with so much laughter and happiness.

As I think about the hope and the task of Christ’s Church; why we’re here on Washington Ave in this beautiful building with a cross on top—to be, though Christ, people called to victory, always to victory. I feel led to promise you that, with the help of God and after a time of deep mourning and healing, I will take care of you again.

God is good. Christ is risen, and our Thomas will rise again. He is faithful, and in time He will lead us though our season of grief, and we will keep fighting this good fight of faith in Christ Jesus.

So many of you have asked what you can do to help; you have all already done so much more, I know, than we are even aware of, and we thank you, again, so much for everything. We are so blessed to be a part of such a loving, understanding parish.

What Melissa and I want—and I say this in complete honesty as a child of God, not because it’s what I think I’m supposed to say, but from the bottom of our hearts, what we want for you is that you stay faithful.

The hope of Christ is real. His promises are real. His love for us in Christ—even in the shadow of unspeakable loss—it’s all real.

We all mourn; we’ll mourn for a long time. But my beloved saints, we mourn as those who have hope. May the mercy of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, keep us always.


Your loving Shepherd.

Pastor Josh

  1. I knew your words would bring us all hope!!!!!! We grew to love you when you were in Stuttgart and our tears are shedding here in Arkansas too.
    Susan Sparrow

  2. Pastor Josh – you are truly God’s gift to those of us who have had the joy of calling you “Pastor”. You will climb out of the pit and be stronger for having been there. It’s a funny thing about that pit – if you look up you’ll see all the people who love you providing the rope. And God’s love always around you.

  3. Prayers are with you and God has you in his hands

  4. Much love to you and yours – ALWAYS

  5. I’m holding your family up in prayer. May God’s peace fill your hearts.

  6. Prayers to our Lord for your comfort and peace; and hugs from all of us to you, Melissa and August.

  7. Still lifting you and yours up with prayers and loving thoughts. So good to see you all at church. All eyes on August during children’s sermon and wishing his big brother was holding his hand as he goes back to nursery. Love you guys.

  8. We are still lifting you all up in prayer. God’s strength.
    Gina and Buz

  9. Josh and Melissa, I speak for alot of your brothers an sisters in Christ when we send you God’s Peace from Zion Pevely. Time (as a gift from God) is on our side. Truth is sometimes it moves to fast or to slow for us. Then he reveals to us His Time which makes all things clear and purposeful. Be patient and wait on the Lord.