Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis

Where’s Joy: Reflections on a Hospital Stay.

Phil Schmidt stopped in on our Adult Bible Study Class to speak about his health, his hospital stay, and the places God has placed him.

Pastor Phil Schmidt does not get to take it easy. After serving as Trinity’s Associate Pastor and as Chaplain to the Shelby County Juvenile Court, he assumed the roll Trinity’s Pastor Emeritus, only to find himself several times the go to Vacancy Pastor for the district and has kept his staff position on the Lutheran Summer Camp program. This is not what retirement is supposed to be like, not while battling cancer.
The 10 year battle with cancer has slowed him down considerably. Now he must consider when to transition into Hospice care. Instead of spending his days calling on the sick and dying in hospitals, he has found himself the one being called upon.
Yet, this is where Christ has called on him with a new task. He has been given a new assignment, one he never expected. One that takes him to a new mission field with a new purpose.
Here is Rev. Phil Schmidt’s address to the Trinity Adult Bible Study class as he tries to explain what is different about this calling, what it means to us, and what it might also mean to the institutional Church at large.


In spite of the heroic efforts by Mr. Mike Grant to cobble together a functioning  sound system for the occasion from our antiquated, broken, and missing equipment, the audio is much less that we would have hoped for. Our sincere apologies.