Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis

Call Committee Narrows Selection

Members of the Call Committee used the internet to interview candidates for the position of Pastor of Trinity.

The Call Committee narrowed the field of candidates down to five, which it felt could match the needs of Trinity in seeking a new pastor. Trinity has been without a pastor since Rev. Josh Hatcher accepted a call to Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in St Louis.

When trying to arrange online interviews with the candidates, two of the candidates informed committee chairman Dave Chester that they had recently accepted calls and were no longer available. This narrowed the slate down to three.

All three of these candidates were interviewed by the committee over the internet via Skype. All three proved to be very good candidates. Each of the three were supportive of using women as lay readers and were comfortable with the method Trinity implements close communion. Each one had unique gifts that the committee felt could be an asset to Trinity’s ministry and all three expressed a strong willingness if selected to receive a Divine Call to Trinity.

The Call Committee will now meet again to compare notes and with prayerful deliberation, will see if there is a consensus on which of the three candidates to bring to Memphis to present to the congregation.  If the Holy Spirit does not lead the committee to a solid consensus, the committee will then select two of the candidates to visit Memphis to meet with the congregation and then ask the congregation to make a selection of whom to issue a Call.

Please remember the Call Committee in your prayers as they undergo this important work.


  1. You all remain in my prayers…God is at work!

    • Thank you Debbie. I have not updated the information because the candidates that were not selected have not been notified, but it is clear that the Lord certainly has his hand in the process. Things look very promising. I pray that all is well with you these days. We miss you. – David B.

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