Let’s Go Prayer Walking

Let's Go Prayer Walking

What is Prayer Walking?  Praying while walking (or driving).  Can be done in groups or alone.  Walkers pray for various needs in the community. They can pray silently or aloud as they walk, whichever they feel most comfortable with. Allow the following words that start with “P” to be your prayer guide.

Pray for People

Pray for Pain

Pray for Problems

Pray for Places

When will we start?  This Sunday, March 4, beginning at 9:15 am and lasting 1 hour.  We will assemble in the Fellowship Hall at Trinity for a brief training orientation and assignments, prayer walk for 20-30 minutes and then return to Trinity for debriefing and an opportunity to put together your own personal prayer walking plan, prior to our regular worship service.

What if I am not able to walk far?  You can prayer drive or pray at church while the group goes out into the community.

In hundreds of cities across the globe, ordinary believers are prayer walking through the streets of their communities. They pray while walking, with eyes open for the spiritual awakening God is bringing. There is no set pattern or proven formula. Prayer walkers have set out with every imaginable style. There’s nothing magical about praying while walking. God’s Spirit is simply helping us to pray in the midst of the very settings in which we expect Him to answer our prayers. We instinctively draw near to those for whom we pray. Getting up close to the community focuses our prayer. We sharpen our prayers by concentrating on specific homes and families. But we enlarge our praying as well, crying out for entire communities to know God’s healing presence. Prayer walks give us a simple way to continually fill the streets with prayer. Many are praying city-size prayers while ranging throughout their towns with disciplined regularity in small bands of two or three. Thus prayer walkers keep near the lost in order to touch them with the Gospel and transforming service. Quiet triumphs often follow as God changes the city day by day and house by house.

I can’t wait to see how God changes us and our city through prayer walking!

Pastor Tieman

P.S. It looks like we will have a beautiful, sunny day to prayer walk on Sunday!  God is good!