Our Ministry Team


Dc. Douglas Morrison
Dr. Douglas Morrison
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Jennifer Medeiros
Office Administrator
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Israel Joel David Ripke's photo.
Martha Israel
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Joel and Nicole Ripke
Youth Leaders 
Eddleman Diane Johnston
Vernetta Eddleman
Social Ministries
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 Diane Johnston
Children’s Ministries
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Cynthia Stovall
Community Outreach
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Program Staff Board of Elders
 Dave Chester – Chairman (Send Email) Mitch Wood – Head Elder (Send Email)
 Dave Love – Comptroller (Send Email) Kevin Baskette (Send Email)
 Bill Kratzke – Bookkeeper (Send Email) Douglas Campbell Send Email)
Mary Henderson – Financial Secretary (Send Email) Chris Johnston (Send Email)
Jay Medeiros (Send Email)
Pete Wofford (Send Email)
Jim Turner (Send Email)


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