Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis


US Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Trinity Lutheran Church – Columbia Mo.

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down its ruling June 26 in the case of a Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod church preschool, determining 7-2 that the state of Missouri’s barring of the church from a government aid program was unconstitutional. While the LCMS was not a party to the litigation, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorneys represented Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia, Mo., in Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS) v. Comer (formerly Pauley). The case came about after Trinity was invited to apply for the 2012 Playground Scrap Tire Surface Material Grant Program to resurface its playground with recycled tire products to be provided by the supposedly neutral state program. The grant program was offered to Missouri nonprofits as a means to recycle scrap

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Fear, Death, And This Christian With Cancer

We fear death. We Christians know we needn’t, but we do. It’s natural. It’s universal. But shouldn’t we actually be fearing life instead?

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Where’s Joy: Reflections on a Hospital Stay.

Pastor Phil Schmidt does not get to take it easy. After serving as Trinity’s Associate Pastor and as Chaplain to the Shelby County Juvenile Court, he assumed the roll Trinity’s Pastor Emeritus, only to find himself several times the go to Vacancy Pastor for the district and has kept his staff position on the Lutheran Summer Camp program. This is not what retirement is supposed to be like, not while battling cancer. The 10 year battle with cancer has slowed him down considerably. Now he must consider when to transition into Hospice care. Instead of spending his days calling on the sick and dying in hospitals, he has found himself the one being called upon. Yet, this is where Christ

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Prayers, Generosity Enable Mercy Efforts After Storms

Spring 2017’s severe storms have affected Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod congregations and their communities in the Midwest and Texas; and once again, prayers and continued generosity from people across the Synod have equipped congregations to share Christ’s mercy in the aftermath. During torrents of heavy rain, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens declared a state of emergency April 29, after flooding began in several parts of the state. More flooding occurred in the following days as rivers and waterways crested, resulting in two reported deaths and the closure of major roadways going into and out of affected areas. Just two days earlier, four tornadoes had touched down in East Texas, killing four and injuring dozens, according to news reports. The most recent storms

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Young People Needed To Help Clean Up Community

Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell has announced that his office will be hiring workers to help rid some of the most blighted areas of this community of trash and litter. “I am hiring 100 individuals to work this summer in key areas of Shelby County where litter is a constant problem. Supervisors will also be hired to oversee the work teams. Our program will help beautify our community and assist young people and others who need a job this summer,” The work teams will fan out across the county to pick up roadside litter and conduct neighborhood beautification projects. The non-profit organization Clean Memphis will assist with coordinating the cleanup efforts. The project will run June 5th – July 28th,

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What Kind of Tipper Are You?

Are you a good tipper? I try to be, but that has not always been the case. I had always looked on tipping as a commentary on the quality of the service as well as how well I liked the food and I suppose, a judgement on my overall “dining” experience. I was also a sharp critic, always finding room for improvement. The result was usually a somewhat miserly gratuity. If things were not done my way I gave very little. If things were exactly what I hoped for, I tipped–well slightly more generously. Then I got a job in the food service industry. The first thing that strikes everyone that first enters that line of work is how incredibly

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