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Hating Those Who Spread Hate

The recent news events from Charlottesville have brought so called “hate groups” to the focus. We feel compelled to speak out against those who feel driven to focus their hatred and acrimony on groups seen as different from themselves.
As Christians it is our duty to speak up for those who are oppressed and raise our voices in opposition to those who preach hatred and malice. It is natural for us to feel anger at those who spew their hurtful words and messages of hate at others who they hardly know.
It is also natural for that anger to turn into hate. Hate that is displeasing to God. [read more]

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Bethesda: Enhancing Lives, Sharing Jesus

  In one of several Bethesda Lutheran Communities group homes nestled throughout Watertown, Wis. — and much like Bethesda homes in other areas across the country — Annie Egan and her housemates receive necessary medical care. All are nonverbal and in wheelchairs; some use feeding tubes. Such physical needs helped convince Cathy Egan to allow Annie, 38, to move to Bethesda when her daughter was 16. Back then, Cathy had no idea how much Annie would enjoy singing songs like “Jesus Loves Me.” She never envisioned six women — all considered low-functioning — taking part in their group home Bible study and how they “really respond” when the topic is Jesus. Integrating rather than segregating Bethesda programs empower people with developmental disabilities to live, play, work and worship in their local communities. (Bethesda Lutheran Communities)A century ago, families took their children by train to Bethesda, where the youngsters grew up with classes in reading, religion and penmanship. “We literally began as an orphanage, a home started by German Lutherans for families who didn’t know how to best care for their children,” said Mike Thirtle, president and CEO of Bethesda, a name from the Bible for the pool where the disabled came for healing (John 5:2-4). While its mission to “enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the Good News of Jesus” remains the same, the LCMS Recognized Service Organization (RSO) has changed dramatically. Bethesda’s many programs include working with congregations to enrich the

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Fear, Death, And This Christian With Cancer

We fear death. We Christians know we needn’t, but we do. It’s natural. It’s universal. But shouldn’t we actually be fearing life instead? David Brugge talks about the irony of how we as Christians have such a tough time confronting death, and perhaps how we should really be looking at it.

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