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Sad News

It was just learned this evening that our dear brother Jason Seek passed away. Those of us who knew Jason and his family are saddened by his sudden death.  May almighty and merciful God send His comfort to Jason’s family and friends and welcome him into His heavenly kingdom.  May all of us be strengthened and comforted with the hope of the resurrection in Jesus Christ.

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Trinity Hires Terry Tieman to Serve as Interim Pastor

At the November Church Council meeting, it was decided to hire Rev. Terry Tieman to serve part time as Trinity’s pastor until such time as the Congregation is able to secure a new full time pastor. We welcome Rev. Dr. Tieman as Trinity’s new part time pastor. Rev. Tieman has lived and ministered in Memphis for the past 23 years, so he knows the area and culture very well.  Prior to his service in Memphis as the Director of Missions for the Mid-South District, Pastor Tieman served for 12 years as a parish pastor, overseeing the planting of 2 churches and the growth of 4.  Finally, he has extensive experience at Immanuel, Memphis, with past assignments as Vacancy Pastor and Director of Discipleship & Assimilation. He is currently serving (part-time) as the Executive Director of Transforming Churches Network, Rev. Terry Tieman has formed a network of over 1,000 churches across the United States and Canada that have operated as a National Learning Community for over 10 years.  This network of judicatories, congregations, pastors, and lay leaders has provided a rich learning environment for a broad spectrum of congregational ministry, especially in the areas of outreach, discipleship, leadership, and church transformation.  With this cumulative knowledge and experience under his belt, Rev. Tieman is well positioned to lead local ministry at Trinity, Memphis, as a part-time pastor. His duties at Trinity (while we are in our Call Process) will include, but not be limited to, the following: Worship & Preaching:  Pastor Tieman

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Letter of Introduction from Terry Tieman

Dear Members & Friends of Trinity: “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen” (Galatians 1:3-4) Okay, I’m certainly no Apostle Paul, but I hope to serve you in much the same way that Paul served the Galatians. That is, to empower you to give a practical and vigorous defense of the essential truth that we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ and to live out that faith in your daily lives, sharing it with your friends and neighbors in word and deed. To that end, I will be preaching, teaching, equipping, and training much like a regular pastor. EXCEPT that I will be doing it in 1-2 days per week! Of course, that means that you will ALL need to be fully engaged in ministry as the “priesthood of all believers,” according to your time and talents. As the full-time Executive Director of Transforming Churches Network, I will be continuing my regular duties with that organization, but I will do everything I can to insure that your ministry needs are met until you call a new pastor. Also, please be aware that Rev. Mark Goble will continue to lead you in the call process as your official Vacancy Pastor. I will be sharing more in the weeks to come. Until

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Rev. Chad Kendall Declines Trinity’s Call

On Sunday, Oct. 1, the voters of Trinity Lutheran Church voted to issue a Divine Call to Rev. Chad Kendall to serve as their pastor. Rev. Kendall is currently serving as pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lowell. Rev. Kendall and his wife Stacie visited with Trinity Memphis the prior weekend so that they and Trinity Memphis could get to know one another better. Last week, Rev. Kendall informed congregation president Dave Chester, that it was with heavy heart that he was reluctantly declining the Call. Since visiting Memphis and the people of Trinity with his wife Stacie, she came down with a serious case of Lyme Disease. Packing up all of your belongings, selling your house and moving to a new community is an enormous stress in the best of conditions, but is nearly impossible when afflicted with such an ailment. Trinity will begin the call process once again, but Mr. Chester has informed Rev. Kendall that his name will be on the new call list as well as we continue to keep tabs on Mrs. Kendall’s health. Once again we ask for everyone’s prayers as we continue our search for a new pastor, and we request prayers for Stacie Kendall as well, asking God to restore her to good health.

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LCMS Disaster Response

LCMS Disaster Response visited northern California Oct. 16-18 to meet with officials of the Synod’s California-Nevada-Hawaii (CNH) District as well as with parish pastors based in areas affected by the catastrophic wildfires. Working in collaboration with the district, Disaster Response will assist in conducting an early assessment and devising an action plan to help meet immediate needs in the stricken communities. Just before traveling to California, LCMS Disaster Response leaders returned from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. While there, they focused their efforts on visiting the city of Mayaguez and its surrounding areas. Mayaguez is home to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, served by LCMS Missionary Rev. Matthew Ruesch. LCMS World Relief and Human Care, through its Disaster Response arm, will support the congregational members of Prince of Peace and reach out to neighboring communities. The initial response will include the provision of food, water and diapers. The general disaster relief fund enables LCMS Disaster Response to provide immediate, robust disaster relief for unexpected calamities like these that could occur in the months and years ahead. To Give Online: visitlcms.org/disaster By Text: Text – Text LCMSDISASTERS to 41444. You can still give for specific disaster relief efforts by visiting  lcms.org/disaster. Gifts are tax- deductible as allowed by law.  

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Trinity’s Artwork Goes Viral!!!

Well, not exactly viral. But a banner I made for Trinity a few years ago now shows up on page one of Google’s search for the topic “reformation meme.” I have code written into the website that blocks Google from listing our images with their search results so Google had to find it somewhere else. It seems that a site called askideas.com also trolls the internet for artwork to steal and they seem to be the ones that took a shining to our Happy Reformation Day banner. Regardless, I am honored to have my artwork repurposed for someone else to use. I only wish they would use the new updated “500th anniversary” version instead.

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Trinity Votes to Issue Divine Call to Chad Kendall

On Sunday, Oct. 1, the voters of Trinity Lutheran Church in Memphis Tennessee voted to issue a Divine Call to Rev. Chad Kendall of Lowell Indiana to serve as their pastor. Rev. Kendall is currently serving as pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lowell. Rev. Kendall and his wife Stacie visited with Trinity Memphis the prior weekend so that they and Trinity Memphis could get to know one another better. One of the primary tenets of the Lutheran Church has always been the difference between the call to serve in the public ministry of the Word (Eph. 4:11, Titus 1:5, Rom. 10:14-17) and the calling which all Christians have to do the work of the universal priesthood of all believers(I Pet. 2.9, I Cor. 7.17). Without a doubt, it is God himself who is doing the “calling” in both of these instances. After all,  it is God alone who brings people to faith in Christ and who equips them with his grace and necessary gifts to carry out the specific calling which He has given them. However, when speaking of the call to do the work of preaching and teaching of the Word in a public setting, the Bible sets this apart as something that requires great respect and careful adherence to certain qualifications (I Tim. 3:1-7). Whenever someone receives a call into the office of the pastoral ministry, he views this call as Divine, knowing that God himself has invited him to take on the work of being a

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Pastoral Candidate Comes To Visit

  This past week, Trinity invited its second candidate for the office of Pastor to come and visit us. Once again, we got to share some hospitality and and get to know one another better. This time, it was Rev. Chad Kendall and his wife Stacie, who graced us with their presence. Rev. Kendall currently serves at Trinity Lutheran in Lowell  Indiana. Eight years prior, he was at Immanuel Lutheran Church Spirit Lake, Iowa. He has two sons, Isaac 18 and Samuel 15. His Master of Divinity degree is from Concordia – Fort Wayne. The Call Committee, led by its chairman Dave Chester, selected Rev. Kendall from over a dozen candidates as being the best match for the needs of Trinity. The original list was pared down to just three candidates who the committee felt met Trinity’s requirements. These three were then interviewed extensively by the Call Committee via an internet video connection. After imploring the Holy Spirit’s guidance and aid, the Call Committee voted unanimously to invite the Kendall’s to spend a weekend with us in Memphis so that we might get to know each other better. Saturday morning, the Kendall’s got a tour of Trinity and learned a bit of its history and a better understanding of its unique location. Later they met with the church staff. That afternoon, the Kendall’s were guests for lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse where  the Church Council, and the Board of Elders got to speak with them at length. Afterwards, they were taken to

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Trinity Picnic 2017

There have been a lot of changes to Trinity’s Annual Picnic over the years, but perhaps none as great as the ones put on place this year. Click here to see the slideshow from the event.

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Trinity’s Annual Picnic

Trinity's Annual Picnic

Each year Trinity hosts its Annual Picnic at the end of Summer giving members and friends a chance to join together in an informal setting for worship followed by a luncheon and games and prizes. For the last few years, the picnic was held at the Memphis Ornamental Metal Museum downtown,  however this year it will move to the Episcopalian Saint Columba Conference Center in Bartlett. (more)

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Empowerment Center, Including Lutheran Hope Center, Opens At Ferguson’s ‘Ground Zero’

Shoulder to shoulder under a huge tent, sitting on folding chairs and standing five deep in spots, some 400 people witnessed a symbolic — and even “historic” — event here July 26: the grand opening of the Ferguson Community Empowerment Center, a resource for hope and healing nearly three years after the violent protests that sparked a fresh look at racism nationwide.

The new, two-story facility — debt-free, thanks to corporate donations — stands on the grounds of the burned-out QuikTrip gas station that served as “ground zero” for authorities responding to weeks of unrest following the police shooting death of teenager Michael Brown Jr. on Aug. 9, 2014. (click for more)

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Call Committee Back To Work

The Call Committee, led by Dave Chester, is back again to the task of finding a new pastor for Trinity. Our former pastor, Josh Hatcher accepted a call to Trinity Lutheran in St. Louis and left in December. Mid-South District President, Roger Paavola has provided Trinity with a second slate of candidates, after few of the names on the first list met the committee’s criteria. Last month, the Committee brought in Rev. Neil Vanderbush and his wife from Texas for a visit and a series of interviews, however the process did not go as smoothly as one would have hoped. Rev. Vanderbush respectfully withdrew his name from consideration shortly after. “We are going to proceed a bit more slowly,” says chairman Chester. “I want to gather a many more names as we can so that we can have the best chance of finding a candidate that will be the best match. “We currently have eight names before us. Two of them are from the previous list, two are from member nominations, and four are additional names provided by Roger Paavola.” From this list, the committee selected five names for further study and to conduct interviews over the internet. On contacting each of the candidates, two of them have recently accepted calls to other congregations and had to be removed from our list. The remaining three are scheduled to be interviewed this coming week. The Call Committee will be meeting as a group to speak with them, asking questions as well as answering

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