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6-11-18-Rev. Dan-Elkins

https://trinitymemphis.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/6-11-18-Dan-Elkins.mp3  Sermon by guest speaker Rev. Dan ElkinsRead more

Easter Sunday – 4-1-2018

Easter Sermon

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March 30 – Good Friday Service

Sermon from Good Friday

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How would you respond if you found yourself face to face with God? Sound like a situation in which you would never find yourself? Don’t be so sure! We can catch glimpses of God every day. Listen to this message and find out how.

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Jesus’ Healing – 2/4/2018

Jesus came to heal our troubled souls but a great deal of his ministry was going from town to town healing people’s broken bodies as well. Hear guest worship leader Deacon Jeremy McDonald speak about Jesus’ healing ministry.

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So What Are You Going To Do, Talk Or Fish? – 1-28-2018

Fisherman love to talk about fishing almost as much as they like to fish. However, when it comes to being “fishers of men, women, and children” as Jesus calls His disciples to be in Matthew 4:19; we are often much more content to talk than fish! Listen to Pastor Tieman’s message as he encourages us to start doing more fishing and less talking.

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We Need Local Missionaries! – 1/21/2018

Have you ever wanted to be a missionary? Well, you can be one without ever leaving the city! Find out how in this message from Pastor Tieman. An added bonus: A quick tutorial on how to share your personal story of the Gospel in 30 seconds or less.

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Why Church – 1/14/2018

Is the church a dinosaur? Sometimes it feels like it is about to go extinct! However, a better question is, “What is the purpose of the church?” Hear Pastor Tieman share from God’s Word what the purpose of the church is and how local congregations, like Trinity, can follow Jesus in carrying it out!

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Mission Impossible – 1-7-2018

Your mission should you choose to accept it…God’s Word is very clear about His mission for the church. “Go and make disciples of all nations!” (Matthew 28:19) So the question isn”t, “what is our mission” but rather “will we accept the mission”? Listen again to hear God’s mission for your life and how you can begin to carry it out this week!

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The Visit Of The Magi – 12-31-2017

Sometime after the Christmas visit by the shepherds, “wise men” from the East arrived to worship the newborn king. The Epiphany of the wise men  is one of the oldest celebrated festivals in Christendom. Dating back to before the celebration of Christmas itself. It marks the recognition of the King of Glory as not just come to the Jews, but all of the gentile world as well.

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A Message From The Innkeeper – Christmas Eve 2017

A couple of thousand years ago, an independent businessman’s rather ordinary evening suddenly turned quite extraordinary. Here is his story…

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