Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis


NYG 2016 Wrap Up – Hope is the Anthem of My Soul

  Good morning everyone, Well, it’s all over. We’re sitting here at the Amtrak station in New Orleans getting ready to board the train home to Memphis a couple of hours. Physically, everyone is definitely weary. Emotionally, I would say we are all a little sad while at the same time anxious to get home to our loved ones. Spiritually, our hearts are so full they could burst. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16 The final tally is in. Over 25,000 Lutheran children and adults descended on the city of New Orleans for a week of service, education, spiritual refreshment, and

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NYG 2016 Day 4 – Good Junk, Bad Junk…What’s the Difference?

Good morning y’all! WOW, yesterday was jam packed with some amazing music and workshops. The day began with a bible study at the hotel and then we were off to our first full day of events at the Convention Center. The morning workshops included some very unique presentations. The boys and I decided to attend “Star Wars Spirituality” (of course!) in which the Rev. Joel Beyer masterfully used George Lucas’ Universe to teach “Christ Crucified” to the kids. Honestly folks, the man pulled it off! It was emphasized that we were made for another world altogether. The boys and I absolutely loved it. Barbara took the girls to see “The First Rosa” which centered around the story of Rosa Young,

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Welcome to New Orleans!!! – NYG2016

Greetings in Christ Jesus! We have arrived safely and spent our first night at the hotel. We are all anxiously excited for the week’s events to get started. Yesterday the children patiently awaited a late train and endured a fairly long ride down here. However, they were not phased one bit. They spent almost the entire afternoon on the observation deck lounge area playing cards, sharing stories, having tons of laughs, and making new friends. As we stepped foot on to the lively streets of New Orleans we noticed large banners hung from light posts marking the 2016 LCMS National Youth Gathering. There are church groups everywhere, many of them already donning matching t-shirts. Our favorite of the bunch were

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Synod ‘Sends’ Missionaries to Ferguson, Brownsville

The Rev. Micah Glenn remembers the day Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Mo. It was Aug. 9, 2014, a Saturday afternoon, the day after his 30th birthday, and Glenn, a seminarian, had just begun serving his yearlong vicarage in Huntsville, Ala. He also recalls watching on TV the weeks of violence the shooting triggered — the rioting, looting and destruction — and worrying about the safety of his parents, who lived in Ferguson then. And still do. Glenn, too, had lived in that house from sixth grade on, attending public elementary and middle schools in Ferguson and considering himself, at one point in his life, a lot like Michael Brown: a troubled teen with an uncertain future.

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Youth Head To New Orleans

This Week, members of Trinity’s Youth will be joining with young Lutheran young people from throughout the Memphis community along with their guests for a trip to New Orleans. Their destination will the the LCMS Youth Gathering, a convocation of young people from across the United States and beyond. The youth gathering is for many, a truly once in a lifetime experience. The week long event gives participants the opportunity to not only grow their faith and understanding of God’s word, but to interact with thousands of other kids, make new friends, a visit vibrant and historic New Orleans. We hope to receive constant updates of our groups adventures and gain a better understanding of what this event means to

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Parents and Kids Enjoy Confirmation Campout

Heidi Shafer reports on the Weekend Campout for the new Confirmation Class and their parents… We had an amazing time to grow together in the Lord.  Our children have already formed into a cohesive class. The great outdoors was a wonderful place to put into context the study of the creation of the universe. We Lutherans believe that the all-knowing God created the world in a structured way, and that He still cares for and keeps that universe going.  We believe that based on the account God gave us in the Bible, starting at Genesis 1:1. Pastor Hatcher opened up our camp out with prayer and a devotion with a clock.  Ask your kids about getting to destroy the clock,

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