Repent and Believe!

The Second Week of Lent – Repent and Believe!

John the Baptist by Bernardo Stozzi

John the Baptist
by Bernardo Stozzi

Mankind has always known right from wrong. Every civilization has its own moral code, and every religion shows god, or gods being angry for man’s evilness. Every religion has a method to appease (the) god(s) and to return to god(s) good graces.
All except one. Christianly is the only religion that teaches that God is perfect and that there is absolutely nothing we can do make ourselves perfect so that we can be with him. Nothing.
But here this crazy guy in the wilderness, this hermit living off a diet of bugs and honey, has the answer. Repent and Believe.
That’s it. Nothing more.
Recognize that we are sinful and deserving of punishment, and believe that God sent His Son to redeem us.
It doesn’t get any more beautiful than that.
Lord God, I know that I am sinful and I believe you when you tell me that  because of your Son’s death, my sins are forgiven, and I thank you with all of my body and soul.   Amen