What Kind of Tipper Are You?

Are you a good tipper?

I try to be, but that has not always been the case.

I had always looked on tipping as a commentary on the quality of the service as well as how well I liked the food and I suppose, a judgement on my overall “dining” experience. I was also a sharp critic, always finding room for improvement. The result was usually a somewhat miserly gratuity. If things were not done my way I gave very little. If things were exactly what I hoped for, I tipped–well slightly more generously.

Then I got a job in the food service industry. The first thing that strikes everyone that first enters that line of work is how incredibly difficult it is. So many things to remember, so many things to keep track of.There were so many people to keep happy, and each with a different and sometimes conflicting need. You also have to keep the kitchen staff happy. If they have a mind to, they can make things miserable for you. Most importantly, you must always be show people that you are cheerful and eager to do all that much more to make them happy.

In the end, you get your report card. A few dollars or so. Someday more, somedays less. Somedays it didn’t pay to come into work. People don’t realize that a great many of the things that irritate them while dining are completely out of the control of the server. Stiffing them doesn’t make things better.

I am now much more generous with my tips. Tips are not a report card, they are a way of saying that I appreciate them being there for me no matter how difficult the situation.

So how are you at tipping God? How generous are you with your offerings? Are you giving profusely or are you stingy? Do you tie your gift to your satisfaction with how your life is going? Or do you use your gift as a report card to show God that there is room for improvement?

God sees the big plan and your part in it. God knows your joys and hardships. God knows what is best for you at any moment in your life. God knows your heart. God knows your motives. God knows how much He has blessed you and God knows how much (or how little) you appreciate those blessings.

Perhaps it is time for self examination, for reevaluation. I think for some of us, it is time to show just a bit more gratitude to the one who has served us everything.

  1. Food for thought and I totally agree.

  2. “self examination, for reevaluation” – do it often!