Rev. Chad Kendall Declines Trinity’s Call

Rev. Chad Kendall and his wife Stacie traveled to Memphis to meet the members of Trinity Memphis

On Sunday, Oct. 1, the voters of Trinity Lutheran Church voted to issue a Divine Call to Rev. Chad Kendall to serve as their pastor. Rev. Kendall is currently serving as pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lowell.

Rev. Kendall and his wife Stacie visited with Trinity Memphis the prior weekend so that they and Trinity Memphis could get to know one another better.

Last week, Rev. Kendall informed congregation president Dave Chester, that it was with heavy heart that he was reluctantly declining the Call. Since visiting Memphis and the people of Trinity with his wife Stacie, she came down with a serious case of Lyme Disease. Packing up all of your belongings, selling your house and moving to a new community is an enormous stress in the best of conditions, but is nearly impossible when afflicted with such an ailment.

Trinity will begin the call process once again, but Mr. Chester has informed Rev. Kendall that his name will be on the new call list as well as we continue to keep tabs on Mrs. Kendall’s health.

Once again we ask for everyone’s prayers as we continue our search for a new pastor, and we request prayers for Stacie Kendall as well, asking God to restore her to good health.