People of Passion

People of Passion

As we continue exploring “A New Season for our Church” at Trinity, we are entering a time of preparing and visioning.  To help our entire church family to gather around the dream of connecting many new people to God through faith in Jesus, we are starting a new group called “People of Passion.”*

Who are people of passion?  They are baptized believers in Jesus who:

  1. Love Him (and want other people to know and love Jesus the way they do.)
  2. Have strong feelings for Trinity Lutheran Church – a deep desire for our church family to be everything God wants us to be.
  3. Have compassion and love for the people in our community and neighborhoods (especially those who don’t know Jesus and His love for them.)

You do not need to be a “person of position” – a board member or elected leader or church worker.  You could be, but you’ll probably have more time, energy and passion for mission activities if you aren’t already committed to other meetings, etc.

We are praying for at least 12 “People of Passion” to emerge to work with Pastor Tieman and the Board of Outreach.  We will meet approximately twice a month for the next six months, beginning around the first of March.  This will not be a Bible study group, but instead, a Bible-doin’ group.  We will learn and practice things like prayer-walking; community surveying; service projects; crafting a personal testimony; planning outreach events, etc.

If you are interested in being a part of this very special group or have any questions about it, please contact me ASAP! (

Your partner in the Gospel,

Pastor Tieman

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