Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis

Motivation for Mission

What is the mission of the church?  What kind of impact can your church and your life have on your community?  What does the Bible say about a local church’s calling to influence a lost world?

Motivation for Mission is a new five-week study to help our congregation focus on our purpose as individuals and as a church. It seeks to answer the question, “Why are we here?” This study covers the following:

  • Why is the Church on Earth?
  • Lost In America
  • Change? You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me
  • The Search
  • The Power of a Team

The series begins this Sunday, February 18 and concludes March 18.  If you like to talk in class, this is a great group for you, because it is totally interactive!

We will meet in the Fellowship Hall @ 9:15 a.m. on Sundays.

God does not want anyone to perish, and God is looking for people who share his heart for those who are perishing.  This study lays a strong foundation for each of us to minister to people who need the Gospel.  It will help launch us on a great adventure that will change the world around us.

Get ready to impact people with God’s love!

Pastor Tieman