Congregation Jubilant as it learns Rev Croom has accepted his Call to Trinity

Congregation president Dave Chester made an announcement before the children’s Sunday School program this morning. He said that he received word from Rev. Michael Croom that he would accepting the Divine Call to Trinity.

The congregation broke into spontaneous applause as the pipe organ led the congregation in an impromptu “Doxology’. Trinity has been seeking a pastor for nearly two years as the Holy Spirit led them on this journey of faith.

Rev. Croom reports that before he takes up his mantel at Trinity he has some unfinished business, such as completing his confirmation classes. He is expecting to join us in February.

Our heart and prayers go out to the members of Faith Lutheran Church in Hopkinsville Ky. We know very well the pain in losing a pastor. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit would show his mercy and help you find a suitable shepherd very soon.