Pastors of Grace Lutheran Knoxville and St Andrew, Silver Springs Declines Offer to Visit Trinity.

When the Call Committee interviewed Rev. Travis Ferguson, associate pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Knoxville, everything looked promising. He was enthusatic and answered questions openly and honestly. In fact, the interview went overtime. After the interview, which covered two candidates, the committee spoke very enthusasticly about the candidates they had just interviewed. After a great deal of discussion, the committee voted to invite Rev. Ferguson and his wife to Memphis to get to know us better. Once again, it looked like the Holy Spirit at long last had led us to the man he wanted to shepherd Trinity. But such was not to be the case. This afternoon, chairman of the Call Committee, Dave Chester received an email from Rev. Ferguson. It said in part, ” My wife and I have been in great prayer over this, and after much prayer, we have realized that we do not feel as though the Holy Spirit is leading us to Memphis. There is no specific reason that led us to make this decision: in fact, I greatly enjoyed the interview and the thought of possibly being your next pastor. “With this feeling in mind, I cannot accept your offer to visit, feeling as though it would be misleading and an act of poor stewardship to get Trinity to pay for my travel expenses. “ We appreciate Rev. Ferguson’s honesty, integrity, and rapid response. We pray that the Holy Spirit make this experience a blessing to him and to the Grace congregation. The

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