Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis


Call Committee Works To Find A New Pastor For Trinity.

Trinity’s Call Committee is moving forward in the process to secure a new pastor to fill the vacancy created when Rev. Josh Hatcher left to accept a call to Trinity Lutheran in downtown St. Louis. Names were solicited from members of the congregation and friends as to who might be likely candidates to call. In addition, District President Roger Paavola has created a list of his own to share with us. These names were submitted to the District President who in turn contacted the individuals to see if they are open to a call and if so, to ask them to fill out a survey detailing their views of and approaches to the ministry in the Lutheran church as well

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Did You Know The Easter Bunny Is A Lutheran?

Among the things introduced to America by early Lutherans is Saint Nicklaus, Christmas Trees, Hot Dogs, Easter Eggs, Easter Baskets, and the Easter Bunny.

Actually the Easter Rabbit started out in German folklore as the Easter Hare.

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Young People Needed To Help Clean Up Community

Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell has announced that his office will be hiring workers to help rid some of the most blighted areas of this community of trash and litter. “I am hiring 100 individuals to work this summer in key areas of Shelby County where litter is a constant problem. Supervisors will also be hired to oversee the work teams. Our program will help beautify our community and assist young people and others who need a job this summer,” The work teams will fan out across the county to pick up roadside litter and conduct neighborhood beautification projects. The non-profit organization Clean Memphis will assist with coordinating the cleanup efforts. The project will run June 5th – July 28th,

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Lutheran Children’s Camp

Time once again for Lutheran Children’s Camp. It will be held from June 19th to 23th (Monday to Friday evening) at Camp Clark Williamson, near Humboldt, Tennessee. The camp is for children who are presently in grades 3 through 6. Fun- filled faith activities include Bible study, crafts, swimming, drama, music, nature hikes, bonfires, and the “Last Dance.” Cost is $245 for first child and $225 for each additional child from the same family. Scholarships are available. Click here for registration and additional information.

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Fourth Sunday in Lent – Mothering Sunday

In Europe during the 1500’s it became popular for people to return to the main church or cathedral in the community of their youth every year on the fourth Sunday in lent. These people were said to be returning to their mother church or to be going “a-mothering.” Over the years, Mothering Sunday became a day to allow children and young people that were working as domestic servants or employees to have the day off. This was so they could return home to be with their family as they returned to their home. Often, this was the only time of the year they were allowed off and for many, the only time they saw their family. Children would pick wild

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Do we really need Lent anymore?

We all like to be happy. It’s our nature. We naturally avoid things that make us unhappy. I think that is one reason that the season of Lent is not especially popular. It is a time for personal reflection. A time to examine ourselves, take an inventory of our sinful lives, and be remind of how we fall short of God’s image. But do we really need that? Do we need this downer? Can we even force ourselves to be sad when Springtime is so close? After all, we’re basically good people. We may not be perfect, but nobody’s perfect and the truth is, we’re a lot better than a lot of people we know. We live good lives and

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What Kind of Tipper Are You?

Are you a good tipper? I try to be, but that has not always been the case. I had always looked on tipping as a commentary on the quality of the service as well as how well I liked the food and I suppose, a judgement on my overall “dining” experience. I was also a sharp critic, always finding room for improvement. The result was usually a somewhat miserly gratuity. If things were not done my way I gave very little. If things were exactly what I hoped for, I tipped–well slightly more generously. Then I got a job in the food service industry. The first thing that strikes everyone that first enters that line of work is how incredibly

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