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More Precious Than Gold

My grandfather had a solid gold pocket watch, a gift from a grateful family whose son my grandfather had helped get out of Nazi Germany. That watch was the topic of a discussion that I had with my father last week. He mentioned, a bit sadly, that it was the only thing that his father had given him. That isn’t really true. You can’t really explain to anyone how much your life changes when you have children. That is, until they have children of their own. All the things that were important before, suddenly take a back seat to your new number one goal–raising a child and equipping them him with the tools necessary to succeed at life. What my grandfather gave to my father was much more. My grandfather made sure that my father was a Christian. He brought him up in the Christian faith. He taught him, not with words alone, but by daily example, how to live as a child of God. It was far more important to him that his children should inherit the kingdom of heaven, than that they inherit things of material value. Yes, he made sure that they were well educated, that they learned good manners and social skills. He wanted them to be able to make a living and be able to provide well for themselves and their families, but he knew that all of that would be meaningless if they did not learn to protect their faith, to not take it

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Schedule of Services for the Christmas Season

The Christmas Season is one of the busiest times. Here is our schedule of special services to help you with your planning. Don’t forget the special Advent Services each Wednesday evening proceeded by a super served by one of Trinity’s boards.

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Advent Services 2017

While the retail world would have us think that Christmas began the day after Thanksgiving, the Church follows a different calendar. The new Church Year begins with the season of Advent (beginning this year December 3rd,) four weeks in which to prepare spiritually for Christ’s coming; four weeks in which to get ready not only for Christmas 2017, but to welcome Christ into our hearts and to prepare for the day when He will return in glory. Each Wednesday evening in Advent, Trinity will offer midweek worship focusing on The Songs of Advent. Join us as we look in on Zechariah and Elizabeth, on Mary, and on Simeon and see how they prepared for and welcomed Christ into their lives and hearts. A light supper will be served at 6:00 p.m., and the service will begin at 7:00 p.m. Come, and bring a friend. Wednesday, December 6: “A Parent’s Song: Zechariah and Elizabeth” Wednesday, December 13: “A Young Woman’s Song: Mary” Wednesday, December 20: “An Old Man’s Song: Simeon”

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Trinity Hires Terry Tieman to Serve as Interim Pastor

At the November Church Council meeting, it was decided to hire Rev. Terry Tieman to serve part time as Trinity’s pastor until such time as the Congregation is able to secure a new full time pastor. We welcome Rev. Dr. Tieman as Trinity’s new part time pastor. Rev. Tieman has lived and ministered in Memphis for the past 23 years, so he knows the area and culture very well.  Prior to his service in Memphis as the Director of Missions for the Mid-South District, Pastor Tieman served for 12 years as a parish pastor, overseeing the planting of 2 churches and the growth of 4.  Finally, he has extensive experience at Immanuel, Memphis, with past assignments as Vacancy Pastor and Director of Discipleship & Assimilation. He is currently serving (part-time) as the Executive Director of Transforming Churches Network, Rev. Terry Tieman has formed a network of over 1,000 churches across the United States and Canada that have operated as a National Learning Community for over 10 years.  This network of judicatories, congregations, pastors, and lay leaders has provided a rich learning environment for a broad spectrum of congregational ministry, especially in the areas of outreach, discipleship, leadership, and church transformation.  With this cumulative knowledge and experience under his belt, Rev. Tieman is well positioned to lead local ministry at Trinity, Memphis, as a part-time pastor. His duties at Trinity (while we are in our Call Process) will include, but not be limited to, the following: Worship & Preaching:  Pastor Tieman

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