Temporary Update to Covid Protocol, 12/30/2021 – Due to the recent spike in Covid cases and the highly contagious nature of the current Covid variant, the Elders and Pastors are recommending a temporary return to use of the following precautions for worship.  

Everyone should continue to observe recommended social distancing.  To facilitate this, we encourage use of only every other pew (at this time they will not be roped off, but please keep this request in mind when seating).  

Masking is highly advised for those most potentially vulnerable to the virus.  Masking is encouraged for everyone when entering and exiting the building and in common areas.  Masks may be removed once seated and adequately socially distanced, but please give consideration to masking when singing.  

Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.  

Please take your bulletins with you after the service and do not leave them in the pews (we actually ask this regardless of the pandemic or not!).  

We will also temporarily return to Continuous Communion only.

Rev. Michael Croom, Senior Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church
210 Washington Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103