Who is my Elder?

Each active member of Trinity is assigned an Elder. To find your Elder, enter your family name and press the return key. If your name is missing from the elder’s list, please contact the church office.

Family Name:

What an Elder Does.

Trinity Board of Elders is an elected group of laymen who are responsible for the spiritual well being of the church. They see that worship services are conducted properly, the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion are administered, that Sunday Schools, Bible Studies, and Confirmation Classes teach according to Scripture and to sound doctrine.

It is their duty to see that the spiritual needs of the church family are met. They assist in calling on the sick and infirmed, comforting the bereaved. They help welcome new members and get them oriented and call on delinquent members and tell them they are missed.

Elders also act as a sounding board to hear your concerns and to help you find an answer or solution.

Feel free to call upon your Elder with any spiritual or physical need that you may have.