Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis
  • Happy Reformation Day!
    Trinity’s Artwork Goes Viral!!!
    Well, not exactly viral. But a banner I made for Trinity a few years ago now shows up on page one of Google’s search for the topic “reformation meme.” I have code written into the website that blocks Google from...
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  • Trinity Picnic 2017
    Trinity Picnic 2017
    There have been a lot of changes to Trinity's Annual Picnic over the years, but perhaps none as great as the ones put on place this year. Click here to see the slideshow from the event....
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  • Hating Those Who Spread Hate
    Hating Those Who Spread Hate
    The recent news events from Charlottesville have brought so called “hate groups” to the focus. We feel compelled to speak out against those who feel driven to focus their hatred and acrimony on groups seen as different from themselves. As Christians...
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  • A Tale of Two Sons 10/1/2017
    A Tale of Two Sons 10/1/2017
    Pastor Elkins expounds on the parable of the two sons–the one who says he will not work in the vineyard but later goes and works and the one who says he will work, but then...
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  • A Place We Can Call Home 8/20/17
    A Place We Can Call Home 8/20/17
    As Christians, where do we find our sense of place? Are we insiders or outsiders? Where is it that we belong? Hear guest pastor Darrel Kobs deliver today’s sermon and discuss this important topic....
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