Changes To Worship Schedule

Pastor Josh Hatcher has accepted a call to Trinity Lutheran Church – St. Louis. His last service will be Christmas Eve. Trinity is in the process of forming a Call Committee to search for a new pastor. In the meantime, services will continue. The Board of Elders is working with Lutheran ministers in the Memphis area as well as our own Pastor Emeritus Phil Schmidt and Deacon Douglas Morrison to be sure that our pastoral needs are met during the vacancy. This will be a difficult time for Trinity, but in our 162 year history, we have been here before. We have faith that God will continue to be with us and guide us along the way.

In the mean time, our Sunday worship schedule will be changed so that we can meet the challenges, to wit:

Beginning Sunday, January 1st we will move to one single service each Sunday and one communion service each month.

Sunday, January 1
Sunday School and Bible Study at 9:15
Worship Service with Holy Communion at 10:30

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