A Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Memphis TN
  • Lent and the Return to the Sacred Self
    Lent and the Return to the Sacred Self
    Here it is. Rembrandt’s masterpiece, The Return of the Prodigal Son, which hangs in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. He had lost nearly everything he had by the time he painted it. Nearly broke, he would die two years after its completion. I think about Rembrandt’s magnum opus near the beginning of every Lenten season. Its themes leap off...
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  • Repent and Believe!
    Repent and Believe!
    The Second Week of Lent – Repent and Believe! Mankind has always known right from wrong. Every civilization has its own moral code, and every religion shows god, or gods being angry for man’s evilness. Every religion has a method to appease (the) god(s) and to return to god(s) good graces. All except one. Christianly is the only religion that...
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  • Atheist's to the meet the Peabody ducks.
    Atheist’s to the meet the Peabody ducks.
    This spring, the American Atheists’ will host their 41st Annual Convention in Memphis at the Peabody hotel. It is my hope and prayer that they will come and go without anyone noticing. It would be wonderful if no one came to picket, to preach, or in any other way give...
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  • Due to the expected Winter Apocalypse, all services have been cancelled for tonight. Be safe and be blessed! ,
  • Went out to play in the "snow" & found a hockey rink. Now we're all on the couch watching Frozen. Seems appropriate. ,
  • Who are you really? Some thoughts on ashes that still look like crosses... ,
  • RT @BrooklynNets: Thanks to the @memgrizz for the fantastic tribute to Coach Hollins tonight. ,

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