Rev. Josh Hatcher

Welcome to Trinity’s Website!

I’m thrilled that you’ve taken the time to explore Christ’s work here in Downtown Memphis. Trinity is a unique ministry where we truly are, as we say, “In the Heart of Downtown, With the Heart of Christ.”

If you ask me, the great strength of our ministry is our authenticity. We are, if nothing else, genuine in the joy of Christ’s salvation. His ministry among us is to real people with real problems, carrying the burdens of real sin. You don’t have to pretend here, you can be your true and authentic self here, bring your true and authentic struggles, and I promise you will encounter the true and authentic Jesus Christ!

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  • Lessons From My Sister
    Lessons From My Sister
    “Two are better than one; for they have a good return from their labor.” ~ Ecclesiastes 4:9 Her name is Gwen and she lives on the streets of downtown Memphis in the neighborhood of Trinity....
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  • The Corrosion of Myth
    The Corrosion of Myth
    The spirit of Independence that birthed this nation of ours sends us into the unknown bearing the values and the mind of our country’s founders. They teach us how to form our own future boldly...
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  • October 9 - Momentum
    October 9 – Momentum
    Imagine how differently we would think about the world if our primary method of movement was the bicycle. It’s not like walking or driving in a car; stop and go, move and rest. On a...
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  • October 2 - Light up the Sky
    October 2 – Light up the Sky
    The fascinating thing about light is its automatic movement outward. Its essence isn’t contained within its source; it spreads everywhere its light is unhindered with such ferocity that all other motion is measured against its...
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