A Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Memphis TN
  • How to Worship When You're Just Not Feeling It
    How to Worship When You’re Just Not Feeling It
    This post is actually a few weeks behind, but I thought I’d share some left-over thoughts about worship and the Apostle Peter and our own tendencies to sleep in anyway. So for this edition of “The Cutting Room Floor, rewind to Sunday, August 10th, and Matthew 14:22-33. A few weeks...
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  • Rethinking Evangelism in America, pt. 2
    Rethinking Evangelism in America, pt. 2
    by Robert Schmidt Is There a Hell? How do the well-to-do view life after death? Do the richest of the rich go to church? Churches may indeed enjoy the largesse of their donations. Some of the wealthy may indeed be profligate in their support of good causes, charities, and non-governmental...
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  • Sunday School Ready For A New Season
    Sunday School Ready For A New Season
    We’re gearing up for a great year with an amazing Sunday School curriculum for children in Pre-K through Pre-Confirmation (6th grade), called Whirl.  Whirl is based on the seasons of the church year (Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, etc.); Sunday School lessons, Children’s message and Pastor Josh & Deacon Douglas’ sermons...
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  • Events on Tuesday, September 02
    • Covenant Seekers Women's Home Group
      10:00 am
      8896 Bonnybridge Dr., Germantown, TN 38139, United States of America
    • Mid-town Home Group
      6:30 pm
      1265 Vinton Avenue, Memphis, TN, United States (496-4737)
      Mid-town Home Group
      Studying the gospel of Mark.
  • Events on Wednesday, September 03
    • Naomi Circle Women's Group
      7:00 pm
      Trinity Lutheran Church
      Naomi Circle Women's Group
      Service Project: Care Packages for Circle of Inspiration
      Hostess: Linda Wilkins
  • Events on Thursday, September 04
    • Bartlett Home Bible Study
      7:00 pm
      3589 Covington Pike, #309, Memphis, TN 38128, United States of America
  • Events on Sunday, September 07
    • Worship
      10:30 am
      374 Metal Museum Drive, Memphis, TN 38103
    • Annual Church Picnic
      12:00 pm
      374 Metal Museum Drive, Memphis, TN 38106
      Annual Church Picnic
      Join us and invite a friend for a catered BBQ lunch and family games-free admission!

  • “A society that’s comfortable with Christians produces comfortable Christians” Sunday’s on Persecution is up: ,
  • At Tiger Lane 34 minutes until kickoff. Going full communication blackout. Go Tigers!,
  • ... With a warm cup of coffee. We have a long way to go... (2/2),
  • Writing a sermon on the persecution of Christians around the world... At @panerabread. On an iPad. In the air conditioning... ... (1/2),
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