Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis
  • Thank God for Mothers!
    Thank God for Mothers!
    It’s not an easy job to be a mother.  For instance, a teacher had just given her second grade class a science lesson on magnets. On the follow-up worksheet, one question read: “My name starts with “M”, has six letters,...
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  • Service Project Sunday was a Success!
    Service Project Sunday was a Success!
    We wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to all our volunteers who helped with Service Project Sunday this past Sunday (April 8th). We had a group who passed out Homeless Survival Kits to homeless people around the area and...
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  • "God Connects" - new study!
    “God Connects” – new study!
    God, are You there? Everyone, at some point, asks this question. It can come at moments of sterile reflection or in times of deep despair. “God, if You are there, why don’t You show Yourself to me?” In this confusing...
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  • Service Project Sunday Church
    Olive Wood Crosses
    This Sunday (Palm Sunday) we will be passing out 2 (or more) olive wood crosses to everyone who attends worship.  The idea is to keep one for yourself and to give the other to a friend, coworker, neighbor, or even...
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  • Jesus' Healing - 2/4/2018
    Jesus’ Healing – 2/4/2018
    Jesus came to heal our troubled souls but a great deal of his ministry was going from town to town healing people's broken bodies as well. Hear guest worship leader Deacon Jeremy McDonald speak about...
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