A Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Memphis TN
  • How Jesus Ruined My Golf Game
    How Jesus Ruined My Golf Game
    Last Wednesday, I shot the round of my life at Overton Park Golf Course.  I’ve played that course since I was a little kid, and despite the now nearly unplayable greens and spotty hazards the likes of untended grass and loose car batteries, it’s still my favorite place to play....
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  • Rethinking Evangelism in America, pt. 2
    Rethinking Evangelism in America, pt. 2
    by Robert Schmidt Is There a Hell? How do the well-to-do view life after death? Do the richest of the rich go to church? Churches may indeed enjoy the largesse of their donations. Some of the wealthy may indeed be profligate in their support of good causes, charities, and non-governmental...
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  • What if God DID give you everything you wanted?
    What if God DID give you everything you wanted?
    I just finished reading a very interesting article that Arthur C Brooks wrote ad an op-ed piece for the New York Times’ Saturday Review. Entitled “Love People, Not Pleasure”, I almost skipped over it. The title sounds like one the prevalent be nice to each other kind of pablum. Instead...
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  • Events on Sunday, August 03
    • Bible Study & Sunday School
      9:00 am
      Trinity Lutheran Church
    • Worship
      10:30 am
      Trinity Lutheran Church
    • Blessing of the Backpacks
      11:00 am
      Blessing of the Backpacks
      K-college students, bring your backpacks to worship for a special back-to-school blessing!
    • Ignite! Discipleship Group
      5:30 pm
      Trinity Lutheran Church, 210 Washington Ave, Memphis, TN, United States
      Ignite! Discipleship Group
      For young couples, young families, and 30-something singles. Study of "Radical" by Pastor David Platt, nursery provided, as well as food, crafts, games and a Bible lesson for the kids. Contact Mitch Wood for more information.
  • Events on Tuesday, August 05
    • Sunday School Teachers Roundtable
      6:30 pm
      At the Hatcher home, 5025 Thornebrook Cv., Arlington, TN 38002
      Sunday School Teachers Roundtable
      We'll be reviewing new materials and organization methods. Looking forward to a great year ahead!
  • Events on Wednesday, August 06
    • Downtown Bible Study
      7:00 pm
      884 River Park Dr, Memphis, TN 38103, USA
      Downtown Bible Study
      All are welcome!

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