Missouri Synod Church in Downtown Memphis
  • More Precious Than Gold
    More Precious Than Gold
    My grandfather had a solid gold pocket watch, a gift from a grateful family whose son my grandfather had helped get out of Nazi Germany. That watch was the topic of a discussion that I had with my father last...
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  • Schedule of Services for the Christmas Season
    Schedule of Services for the Christmas Season
    The Christmas Season is one of the busiest times. Here is our schedule of special services to help you with your planning. Don't forget the special Advent Services each Wednesday evening proceeded by a super served by one of Trinity's...
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  • Advent Wreath
    Advent Services 2017
    While the retail world would have us think that Christmas began the day after Thanksgiving, the Church follows a different calendar. The new Church Year begins with the season of Advent (beginning this year December 3rd,) four weeks in which...
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  • Strange Gifts - 12/10/2017
    Strange Gifts – 12/10/2017
    It's always fun to examine a package and try to guess the content. Often times what is inside is quite different from what we imagined. Today, Terry Tieman has us examine closely three different "packages"...
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  • Working With Clay - 12-3-2017
    Working With Clay – 12-3-2017
    Remember Play-Doh and all the things that you could make with it? Terry Tieman does as he talks about today's lesson in which God speaks of molding us from clay. But what is this product...
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